Drivers Trans Mount Removed VW Split Bus

VW Split window IRS Conversion

Below is the Original 65 VW Bus Transaxle (transmission) Cradle. We are going to start by cutting these mounting horns off by drilling spot welds and cutting off the part around the torsion housing. see images below.

VW Original Transaxle cradle.
Original VW Transaxle cradle
Drilling spot welds and cutting the rear by the torsion housing with a die grinder with a cutoff wheel.
Driver side transaxle mount removed from housing.
Drivers side transaxle mount removed from torsion housing.
Freshly removed need to clean up the pad and then grind down the pad.
Drivers side complete, ready to do the other one!

Stay tuned we have the left transaxle mount all cut off and starting on the passenger side….

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