68 - 70 VW Bay Window IRS

68 – 70 IRS VW Bus Install !

When I first purchased my bus the transaxle cradle had been cutout. I attempted to my best ability to weld a replacement in the bus, but.. now have decided that since the transaxle that came with my bus is a 62 small nut transaxle that I am going to go ahead and try an IRS install.

Split vw bus cradle Cut out
Split Window Transaxle Cradle cut-out
62 small nut VW Bus Transaxle
My Re-Welded (Replaced) Transaxle Cradle Trans installed

I research far and wide and decided that I would like to keep the wide five drum look and also researched many different types of installs that I could use. I went from bug irs to thing then finally to 68-70 Bay Window wide five bus irs!

68 - 70 VW Bay Window IRS
68-70 Volkswagen Bay Window bus IRS Parts

I scoured the internet and thesamba classifieds and found many parts to purchase for this section of my build. With Covid-19, thanksgiving, and Christmas deliveries where horrid. I also had pretty much a complete 68-70 trailing arm to drum to nut coming at one point that I recieved half of and USPS lost the other half!! Ended up costing me a fortune it seems in other replacement parts to finish it out.

Keep an eye out the first part of this year we will get this done, and I will try to get some video up of the install and lots of pictures.

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