VW EMPI Axle Nut Removal Tools!

Wow these are for the Win! Ended up ordering 2 of these axle nut removal tools 36mm for the small nut axles, and 46mm for the irs rear stub axle.

I tried and tried to remove both the 36mm nut and the 46mm nut on both axles with no luck soaked them both in pb blaster and broke 2 breaker bars in the process. I ended up ordering removal tools to try and walla!! Soaked both with Seafoam Deep Creep(a little foamier than PB Blaster), and hit them with a 3 lb hammer. Awesome!!

Now on the flip side I had read these are not good for the bearings but I think I would have done a lot worse if I was not successful getting them off!! LOL! so give these VW 36mm , and 46mm axle nut removal tools a try!

Click the image link below to the VW 36mm axle nut wrench from amazon, couldn’t find the 46mm on there but Im sure its there with a better search. Also the link to Deep Creep Man this stuff is good!

Author: dtadpole

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