VW Split Window CLR Drivers Side “Rub” Down!

Scrappy has been sitting for a while waiting for some TLC. Recently because of the COVID pandemic I had some time to do a little research and order some pieces for scrappy! I will make a post later on the parts that I have purchased. For now I am going to just do little things to scrappy here and there until we can get him drive-able!

This last week I have been fiddling with the body here and there.  I have removed the headliner cleaned up the cargo area a bit and started testing on some areas with some rust reformer and such.  One thing I did this last week was to use some 50/50 mix of water and the CLR cleaner.  I took an old spray bottle and just poured half of the CLR in and the rest water.  I used the Green scrubby pads and scrubbed the bottom side of the drivers side down to get rid of the rusty staining.  Also a good scrubber to use was the 000 steel wool. Take a look at the before and after, its amazing at what this stuff can do!!

Before CLR Treatment to Longside of the VW Bus.
Half way done with Long side CLR Treatment.
Bus After CLR treatment.
Drivers Door Compared to just treated and scrubbed Long side panel.

Links to products used below CLR, steel wool, and Green scrubby pads, Just click the picture!

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